Alphabet Wall: M is for Moose (the one that started it all!)

Some people have asked what kicked off the idea for the alphabet wall. A couple of things… 🙂

I first got to know about alphabet craft from this site, No Time for Flashcards. And I got the inspiration to do something similar for DD, since I was home on Fridays. I also thought it was a really fun way of learning and reinforcing the alphabet and other academic concepts.

It’s good exercise for both me and DD. For me, it’s a mental challenge to think up new ways to present different concepts built around the frame of the letter for the week, to always try to keep within the shape so that it reinforces the letter as well as the object in question. For her, I can see the benefits and growth in fine motor skills, vocabulary development, learning basic sentence structuring and grammatical constructs, and making connections between both direct and abstract concepts.

The wall – well, we’d started putting up some of DD’s artwork from Sunday School on one of the walls in the children’s room, so I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t start the alphabet craft up on the other empty wall. I’ll post up the picture of the fully completed alphabet wall soon, I love how it makes for a very colourful and cheery collage in their room. Can’t wait to start these with DS when he is ready too!

So anyway, this is the first ever alphabet craft we did. M is for Moose. As you can see, it started off really simple and over time we’ve really made quite a science out of Alphabet Art. 😉

For materials, you will need: A cereal box, a sheet of construction paper, marker, scissors, crayons or colour pencils, glue.

M is for Moose - materials

1. Open up the cereal box into a single piece so that you have sufficient cardboard to draw an M, two eyes and moose antlers with your marker.

M is for Moose - shapes

2. Hand your child the crayons and have some fun colouring together the various parts of the moose.

M is for Moose - colouring

3. Cut out the parts and set aside.
4. Paste the M on to the construction paper. Paste one antler on each of the arches of the M. Lastly, paste on the eyes.

M is for Moose - pasting


M is for Moose - completed


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