Alphabet Wall: K is for Kite and Kangaroo

K - completed

When we suggested K is for Kangaroo for alphabet art, DD replied emphatically “No, K is for Kite!”
So we did both! A kangaroo admiring a kite…or maybe if I now drew a string from the kangaroo’s paw to the kite, it would look like the kangaroo was flying the kite, heh! 🙂

You will need the following materials: Two artblock sheets, some crepe or tissue paper, marker, scissors, crayons, glue.

K - materials

1. Draw a K on the artblock sheet. Erm, in case you’re wondering why there’s a random flower on the side which has nothing to do with the letter K, DD wanted a flower at the side of the picture and there wasn’t any reason not to oblige. *shrug* 🙂

K - draw

2. From the crepe paper, cut out a few thin strips for the tail of the kite.

3. Paste on the strips of crepe paper.

K - kite strings

4. Have your child colour the K.

3. While your child is colouring, on a separate artblock sheet, quickly cut out a small sheet. Hand it to your child to colour any way they like. On the remaining piece, draw a kangaroo. Also hand it to your child to colour.

K - colouring

5. Cut out the kangaroo. From the small sheet of paper that’s been coloured, cut out a diamond shape and divide that into two large triangles and two slightly smaller ones.

K - kangaroo

6. Paste on the triangles in the shape of a kite, making sure that the bottom slightly overlaps the crepe paper strips.

K - pasting the kite

7. Lastly, paste on the kangaroo. I wanted to include this picture because I thought it looked so wonderfully busy. The hands there belong to DH, DD and DS who also wanted in on the colouring and pasting action!  Too cute! 🙂

K - many hands


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