Fattest foot forward

Nope, it wasn’t a typo! 😉
When we started buying shoes for DS, we found out that one of his feet is fatter than the other.
What that’s meant is that there’s an additional constraint we have to work with when selecting shoes (apart from budget) because we have to get a pair where the upper flap can be pulled back to the maximum when putting his foot into the shoe, otherwise, his foot won’t go in.  And we keep having to remind each other which is the right foot to measure this. 😛 

As if shopping WITH toddlers for shoes for said toddlers (read: you can’t possibly plan ahead the specific model and design you want to get) wasn’t already challenging enough!

Fattest foot forward

So I’m really glad that one of DH’s cousins gave DS this pair of shoes as a gift.
I’m pretty sure neither she nor her husband knew about the one fatter foot. But the design is perfect. I’m so pleased.
And for not having to brave a shopping trip for a new pair…I’m absolutely grateful!


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