Alphabet Wall: V is for Valley

DH came up with this, and I like it, because it took me only a minute to prepare the materials, and one can have great fun adding little details and stuff while explaining the contrast between mountains and valleys, with reference back to a V shape. 🙂

You will need the following materials: Artblock sheet, a sheet of coloured paper, crayons, scissors, glue.

V is for Valley-materials

1. From your coloured paper, cut out some Vs and set aside.

V is for Valley-Vs

2. Start by drawing out mountains on the artblock sheet. As we drew, we talked about how when you go up, it’s a mountain; and when you go down, it’s a valley. DD found it fun to repeat “up, down, up, down” as she drew and I think it really helps in reinforcing the concept and contrast.

3. Paste on the Vs where the valleys should be.

V is for Valley-pasting

4. Take your time colouring and have fun adding in little details to fill out the picture. 😉

V is for Valley-completed


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