Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

DH and I went out on a dinner date last night! To Jia Wei at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel.

Service at Jia Wei is prompt, discreet and attentive. It’s one of the factors that keeps us coming back for our special occasion meals.

We chose one of the executive set menus from their extensive selection. I didn’t know this at the time but DH had noticed that Jia Wei is currently having a promotion with the executive set menus – second person dines at 50% off the original price, so picking the executive set gave us pretty good value for money. 🙂

Our first course was Jia Wei’s Superior Shark’s Fin Soup in Hot Stone Pot. It came piping hot in a stone pot and was full of chunky pieces of sharks fin, crab meat, crab roe, mushrooms and bean sprouts. Phwoargh. The serving size was the biggest by far that I’ve had at a Chinese restaurant!

Sharks fin soup

Second on the menu was Grilled Cod Fish. I liked that it was prepared simply so you could taste the freshness in the texture.

Grilled cod fish

Our third course was Pan fried foie gras with Peking duck and jellyfish. I’ve only had foie gras once before this at Shoyu in Central. To be honest, I think the other time was better as the foie gras there was a thicker piece and smoother in texture than this one.

Foie gras

Next came Homemade Soup Noodles with prawns and kailan. This really filled me up. The prawns were large, very succulent and fresh.  

Soup noodles

For dessert, we had fried durian ice-cream! Yay! DH actually called up ahead to make sure they had stock of this before confirming the booking. 🙂 I do love the fried durian ice-cream here. Although by the time I started on this, my stomach was beginning to really feel the full impact of every prior dish I had consumed.

Fried durian ice cream

I’ve always found the meals we have at Jia Wei very rich so be prepared, go there on a hungry day and go easy on the meal before it! As for yesterday, I had no idea we were going to Jia Wei…so at the end of the night, you had to roll me out to the carpark… 😛

Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant
Level 2, Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel
50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
(Opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre)
Singapore 428769
Tel: +65-6340 5678


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