DD threw her first public tantrum yesterday when we were out shopping at Takashimaya.
If you saw a mother heading for the exit, carrying a teary toddler wailing her heart out, that was probably me. Ha, then again, who says so…I’m sure Taka sees too many toddler meltdowns on a Sunday. 🙂

We’d been there to buy new shoes for DD as she only has one pair in her exact size, but for some reason were unable to find any which were comfortable for her, for the price range we were comfortable to pay. [I draw the line at paying $30 for children’s shoes. Call me stingy that way if you will but I can’t justify the reasoning in paying so much for something that gets grown out of pretty quickly. I won’t pay more than $40 for a pair of shoes for myself.]

Already all grumpy about shoes, I guess she really threw it all up in the air when we denied buying her some hairbands which she’d gone on to pick up from the display racks nearby. If I’d had the intention to buy her hairbands to begin with, I probably would have said ok. But our shopping trip was not about hair accessories, and there weren’t any sensible or sensibly priced ones on the display rack. So DH and I said no.

Let the crying begin.
As I picked her up, and started to walk out of the department store, the image that came to mind was that her cries were like the sirens signaling the arrival of some emergency vehicle, that really needed everyone to make way, rather than turning around to stare and check out what’s the commotion (sorry people, no 4D numbers to take down).

For the record, I didn’t see any sympathetic looks. But the accusing and judgemental glares that I did see were highly amusing to me. I was really struggling to stifle a laugh which was making it quite difficult to keep my voice calm to comfort DD and help her regain self-control. 😛  So this is the famous scenario that practically every parent goes through at least once in their parenting journey.

No, I am not torturing the little girl.

No, she isn’t physically hurt.

Thank you for the thought but no, I am not a poor longsuffering mother. This situation is really very under control.

Yes, I am totally the bad parent for not buying her the hairbands…I could just see the look that read “Good grief woman, how much would it have cost you, $10? To keep her quiet?”

I guess I now know what it’s like for parents who have gone through this because that walk probably took all of 2 minutes to get to the exit by which time she was all calm; and no one would have been any the wiser to have known that she had just had a major meltdown. But that 2 minutes did seem to last forever.

How much would it have cost me to pay for temporary silence versus a lifetime lesson? Everything I stand for in the parent-child relationship for a toddler with budding independence. I think we made a point clear to DD, and we will continue to make the point clear where necessary. Altogether…a very interesting experience.


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