No need no need

I choked on my soup and couldn’t help laughing when during my dinner, DH walked in with DS, who was busy demonstrating his latest learned phrase “No need”.  “No need no need no need” declared the little guy merrily, accompanying it with a broad grin, vigorous shakes of his head from side to side and enthusiastic waving of his left hand. 

But it took all my concerted effort to not fall off my chair from laughing too hard when DS responded to his grandmother’s suggestion “Okay. So no need to carry you already right?”
“Need! Need! Need! Need!”

I didn’t think he would understand the conceptual difference between “no need” and “need”, as I thought he was merely parroting what he might have overheard his sister or someone else say earlier. Could I have underestimated him?! Kids these days… 🙂


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