We’ve only got 10 minutes to save the world!

Yesterday, we hosted a boardgames geeky geek reunion at our place, after the longest time as one of our friends was back in Singapore on a holiday.
Check out the table full of board games!!

Gaming weekend

After some deliberating, we decided to try out a new game that our friend had acquired only just within the week, called Space Alert.

Space Alert

Space Alert is a cooperative type of team survival game. Players are crew members of a spaceship scanning dangerous sectors of galaxy. The task is to protect the ship. After appointing a captain and a communications officer, players have to work out who will move where on the ship, fire weapons, set up shields, replenish energy resources, etc etc. A CD with ten minute long soundtracks gives out these central computer announcements that alert the crew to threats varying from space battleships, interstellar monsters, malfunctions, and intruders who can directly appear on the ship just like that and basically all of the bad news that you can think of hitting your way in the ten most depressingly stressful minutes of your life.

We had such a laugh! It was just crazy from the word go! And here we were only doing the trial run and first mission. We didn’t even get round to attempting the more complex missions yet and already the ten minute soundtrack was driving us nuts going, “Incoming data download…intruder T+4 on white deck something something…data transfer…20 seconds to end of data transfer…teh teh teh…end of data transfer…intruder T+1…” Gaaaah.  Everytime we started the timer for a new round, the atmosphere was like that of a futures trading pit in the old SIMEX!

In the thick of the game...

Assessing the damage...

After the ten minutes is over, and you finish setting down all your action cards on your deck in all that frenzy, it’s time to sit down,  check the phase tracker to see how the team performed, and what’s the damage at the end of the day, and if you managed to hyperjump back to your space station with your team intact. We barely made it back, our dignity hanging in threads the first time around.  We did improve on the subsequent rounds – fired a lot less empty gun salutes to wave hopeless fists at the enemy, lesser instances of replenishing energy guns with resources that weren’t there, hung around less at the pantry, and learnt to set up shields to block the attacks! 

Phew. 😛 So stressful! But so fun! I wanna play it again! 😉


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