This morning I sailed into office, plonked my handbag on the desk and fired up my computer. Then I reached into my bag in a well-rehearsed routine move…only to find that there was no ice pack to put into the office refrigerator’s freezer, and no funnels and bottles to put into the pump bag.
Hm. Feels funny.

Not having to pump the afternoon session anymore is liberating.
I know I looked forward to this day, and rejoiced that I could soon resume our favourite chill out wine-and-cheese sessions with DH again after a long long while since I had to forego a beautiful bottle of Moscato we’d bought two days before finding out I was pregnant with DD. (Yes, it has been that long!!)
And my favourite kopitiam “teh peng kau” *
And that I wouldn’t have to be glued to the pump for a twenty-minute forever when I’d rather be with DH and the kids playing in the living room, or having some fun in the park.
Or have to duck out midway through cell group bible study, leaving DH to lead the study and manage two kids at the same time.
Go shopping in the afternoon without needing to worry about rushing home or finding a room to express.

But there’s also a little sadness accompanied with each pump session I cut down.
I’ve gotten so used to my pumping routine and everything associated with it.
Sigh. Nursing. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Who’s up for commiserating with me over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and brie? 😉


* “teh peng kau” – local coffee shop brewed iced milk tea


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