There are days

And there are good days…
And then there are very very good days.

And today was one of them. 😀
DD and DS were in a fantastic mood when we drove to church, which made for a very fun car ride.

We had a great time chatting with the parents in the cradle roll room whilst each of us were feeding our kids their lunches.

We enjoyed some different scenery on a leisurely drive after church through the rolling greens of Bukit Batok to get to our friend’s baby’s full month celebration party. The change of scene was refreshing, and DS got a good nap on the way.

We caught up with our university friends and their kids which we hadn’t met since DS’s full month celebration. There was good conversation and good food. We made plans to meet up a month later.

The kids were on their most impressive behaviour. A very sociable DS charmed the socks off everyone, and DD was a most reliable big sister, watching over her little brother and keeping him occupied while we ate and chatted with the other adults.

DD had a very long nap in the afternoon which gave DH and I time to complete some work on the computer and for me to get a good nap too!

We had lots of fun shooting hoops into the toy basketball net stand with the kids.  And chasing each other around the living room.  And collapsing in a heap of laughter on the sofa. 

Dinner was done in a very jovial 30 minutes with a very hungry DS polishing everything off in 15 minutes and DD declaring that everything was her favourite food (Although it was the regular fare. A fellow parent would understand why I thought this blogworthy ;-)).

Everyone was bathed and changed by 7:35pm.

When DH brought DS to the kitchen for his last milk feed before bedtime, DD voluntarily picked up and kept all the toys and books back into the right shelves, leaving a completely spick and span room.

It was a very very good day indeed. 🙂


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