Alphabet Wall: S is for Singapore

Can’t let August go past without doing something National Day themed now can we? 😉
Since flag fever is all the rage at the moment, I thought it’d be fun to do S is for Singapore in all patriotic red and white. 😀
You will need the following materials: Marker, artblock sheet, scissors, red paint, sponge or paintbrush, paint dish.

S is for Singapore-materials

1. With the marker, draw an S on the artblock sheet. Make it wide so that it can accommodate the crescent moon and stars.

S is for Singapore-draw the S

2. Cut out a crescent moon and five stars from another white sheet of paper. Set aside.

S is for Singapore-moon and stars

3. Mix the red paint and hand the sponge/paintbrush to your toddler to paint away!

S is for Singapore-paint

4. When dry, paste the crescent moon and stars on the top of the S.

S is for Singapore-pasting

5. Cut out and paste up on the wall!

S is for Singapore-completed

Stars and Crescent shine on me
Make us more than what we can be
All our dreams come true
As we all grow stronger

Stars and Crescent shine on me
Turning our hopes into reality
For we will always be
Shining as one

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