Swensen’s at Ion Orchard

We went to Swensens at the newly opened Ion Orchard today for my dad’s birthday lunch. They have an All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream and Dessert Buffet priced at $18.90 per pax. Ordinarily this is a really expensive price for a buffet that’s all desserts because really, how much sweet can you stuff before you start getting really sick?

But since we received this in the email from a cousin, we figured, ah well there’s probably no other better time to give it a try and dad has never been one to pass up ice-cream.


Between four adults, we wreaked the following damage:
38 scoops of ice cream with assorted toppings (bleah, they didn’t open the gelato counter or I would have had more)
7 slices of cake and pies
4 waffles
1 mega burger with fries and coleslaw
2 butter croissants
3 marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain

!!!!! Er, heheh…I guess one could end up stuffing quite a LOT of sweets 😛


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