Alphabet Wall: I is for Ixora

To DD, I is for Insect. But I am a squeamish girly girl city mouse who stays far far away from insects of any kind, and even more so for alphabet craft (I don’t even really like looking at pictures of insects) so I has just gotta be for something else safer…like Ixoras. 😛

So on our usual evening trip to the park for sandplay and playground activities, we gathered a number of fallen ixoras from the flowerbed of the ixora plants that frame one length of the park on the way home. 🙂

Craft time! You will need the following materials: Paper, glue, marker, ixoras.

I is for Ixora-materials

1. With your marker, draw an I on your sheet of paper.

I is for Ixora-drawing the frame

2. Dot the I (please say I am not the only one who appreciates the pun here…) with glue.  If your child can do this on their own, it’s great for letting them practise some fine motor skills using the glue bottle.

I is for Ixora-dotting

3. Have your child place an ixora on each dot. Let dry.

I is for Ixora-pasting

I is for Ixora-completed

This craft is so fast to complete, you could finish it before dinner and have a toddler rattling on about I is for Ixora Insect (yeeks *shudder*…) all throughout dinner…


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One response to “Alphabet Wall: I is for Ixora”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    I never heard the word ixora before in my life! Now I can be comforted to know that this day has not passed without me learning something new 🙂

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