Being Mrs Incredible

Some days I wish I was adorned with superpowers. Of what sort, you ask. I say give me the whole package – super strength, super elasticity, super speed, super healing, super psychic, super everything! 😀


But if I can’t have ’em all…at least give me super patience to face it all.
Ha. Well, unfortunately, this super power can’t be given, but then again, it’s not unattainable. It can be developed. With time and lots of perseverance and self-control.

Patience is a virtue I realise I haven’t been challenged all that much on up until we had children. As a single or even as a married adult, I could still maintain reasonable control of circumstances and my environment such that I didn’t necessarily need to exercise patience. But with children…this is a different matter, without patience I will quite literally set myself up for an aneurysm. 🙂

And today as I meditate on this passage in my Bible devotions, I am struck by the significance of patience being listed as the first characteristic that the Bible uses to define love.

If I paraphrase verses 1 to 3 to my situation, maybe it would read something like this…
If I speak lofty words of encouragement to my children but do not accompany it with patience and kindness, I am only a nagging noise maker.
If I possessed foresight so as to plan their lives and provide them all that is necessary to succeed academically, but do not have the patience to work through the process with them, I would have failed to focus on what is truly important.
If I attempt to appear self-sacrificial but am actually motivated by my own self-interests, I have achieved nothing.

“Love is patient, love is kind.” It’s humbling that I don’t even have to go beyond the first sentence of the description before needing to stop and think about how I need to work harder at gaining this spiritual discipline in my life.

So. Taking my first step toward being Mrs Incredible, I am going to purposefully focus on building patience. It will be a long and difficult road. But if it will make that much more difference in my own spiritual growth as a child of God and a parent to the precious little ones He has entrusted to DH and me, then let the work begin.

1 Corinthians 13: 4 ” Love is patient, love is kind.”


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One response to “Being Mrs Incredible”

  1. calledsoldiers says :

    That is incredible… Well, noteworthy at least. I was challenged by what you wrote as you put the Word in your own words. It’s something to see it broken down to “where we live at…” As someone used to say.
    As someone who has no children of my own, yet aspires to work with young children, I appreciate that post, thank you.

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