Runny noses, revisits and the refrigerator: A short story

Runny noses...

Just in case, just in case

Not so long a time ago (actually it was last Thursday), in a faraway sunny land named Singapore, a little girl started having a runny nose. So just in case it got worse on the weekend and all clinics were closed, her parents made a trip to the doctor’s on Friday.

Having consulted the good doctor, they left the clinic with a whole host of “just-in-case” medication in addition to the one for the runny nose. Green cough syrup – just in case she developed a cough, pink Paracetamol – just in case she started getting a temperature, orange Ibuprofen – just in case she got a higher fever than that which could be addressed with paracetamol because you never know what with all this A(H1N1) stuff going about…and “How about one bottle of nose drops just in case?” This last one they politely declined on the grounds that they already had a bottle at home which they never intended to open.

Running out on the runny nose meds

Thankfully, the parents did not have to use any of the “just-in-case” stuff.  However, on Saturday, the younger brother caught the runny nose from his sister. They were running out on the runny nose stuff. So on Monday, they revisited the clinic with their son. Exchanging amused looks with the nurse who had probably seen it all before with siblings catching the bug from each other, they waited patiently to see the doctor and came out with more runny nose meds.

“What’s in your refrigerator today?”

Now their humming refrigerator contained the following unopened medication: Three bottles of unopened paracetamol, one bottle of unopened Ibuprofen, one bottle of cough medicine, one bottle of nose drops, one bottle of Pojarax.

As for the opened stuff – one bottle of half used Ventolin, one bottle of Mucosol, one near empty bottle of Pojarax, two bottles of Paracetamol, one bottle of Rhiniramin.

At this point, the mother considered that they had enough stock to open a home dispensary for desperate parents urgently needing medication in the middle of the night.

And the moral of the story is…

that one can wave sleep deprivation as a perfectly tenable excuse for writing completely random posts centering around corny phrases about running out on refrigerator medicine stock.
I don’t know, there is no moral of the story, I never thought of one!

But what I really wanted to say out of this whole experience was…While I was really hoping that DS would cross his 11th month into the first year of his life without succumbing to illness [hey, one can hope, right? ;-)], if the worst of it is a runny nose, in the context of things, I need to count myself very very blessed! That being said, there is still half a month to go. Crossing fingers, crossing toes, crossing eyes and crossing hairs!

Thus ends my very random short story. Can you tell I’ve been reading too many Aesop’s Fables over and over to a certain little girl who has since recovered from her runny nose?


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2 responses to “Runny noses, revisits and the refrigerator: A short story”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    ha ha. I never give medicine for runny noses! paracetamol only comes out if the temp is about 38.5 or they can’t sleep :). Cough medicine does come in handy, esp when it knocks them out for super long naps! I’d say that’s really great that S has made it this far with only a runny nose. Three cheers for total breast milk!

  2. iwonderbee says :

    Hi, oh yeah, indeed! Well, they kept waking up in the middle of the night with clogged noses and drinking milk was a challenge for DS so I figured if the medicine made it easier, then it was worth it. 🙂

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