Alphabet Wall: Making…E is for Elephant

DD was very excited to do art and craft today and before I could even start with what E was for – she already suggested Elephant! “Like the ones in the zoo!”

I wanted to try a different painting technique this week, so I cut up a dishwashing sponge into half.
You will need: Marker, artblock sheet, black and white paints, paintbrush, dish or palette to mix the paint, sponge, scissors, glue.

E is for Elephant - materials

1. Draw out an E on your artblock sheet. Draw also the side profile of the elephant’s face, and an ear.

 E is for Elephant - structure

2. Mix your paints. Dip the sponge in and brush over the sheet until the E, face and ear are all covered. We had so much leftover paint that I let DD paint the newspapers while I cleared things away! 😉

 E is for Elephant - painting

3. When dry, cut out the pieces.

E is for Elephant - cut

4. Glue the face on the top left hand corner of the E and the ear just overlapping it a little. And Elephant joins African Safari pal Zebra on the alphabet wall!

E is for Elephant - completed

E is for Elephant

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4 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…E is for Elephant”

  1. The Brother says :

    i like the elephant…the painting technique gives some sort of 3d effect apart from the stick-on head and ear. She’s one enthusiastic kid with paints. Artist in the making…

  2. Shiyong says :

    love the elephant! but a bit anatomically inaccurate – three-legged elephant? ok, i’m a critic. ;P

    • iwonderbee says :

      Hi Shiyong, yeah…aren’t all teachers? 😉 Thanks….hope the teaching profession’s been treating you well 😀

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