The Village Coffeeshop

Tucked away inobtrusively along peaceful Pasir Panjang Road, The Village Coffeeshop provides a simple but comfortable makan spot on the first floor of the Pasir Panjang Inn.

The Village Coffeeshop

The servings are fairly generous and service is friendly, although a little slow. Well…yeee-a-a-aah, 9 adults, 4 children and 2 babies with all sorts of different orders can be pretty overwhelming, heh! 🙂

This was my friend’s order of the curry chicken rice a-la-carte. The a-la-carte servings are slightly bigger than the set meal ones.  There were quite a number of chicken pieces and plenty of thick gravy to mop up the generous serving of rice. 

The Village Coffeeshop-currychicken

This was my order of the local set menu – sweet and sour fish meal. It came with a soft drink and soup. The food is regular food court fare.  The fish was fine but the soup was unfortunately really quite forgettable. I rarely push food aside but I do draw the line at soup that tastes like it came out of baby jar food…

The Village Coffeeshop-sweet&sourfish

However, what this place has going for it is the following combination or the individual factors thereof:-

1. Free sheltered parking – no time wasted looking for a parking lot
2. Quiet with no crowds – how nice!
3. Plenty of seating space AND high chairs – always a winner with parents of small children
4. Air conditioning – so welcome on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon
5. Food centre kind of pricing – easy on the wallet, whichever way you look at it (if you are a student, set meals are at $3!)

The Village Coffeeshop-setmeals

And…it was near our church, so with us not needing to drive very far especially with a napping baby and hungry toddler, we will certainly be back.  I’ll just…skip the soup and go straight for the a la carte meals the next time. 😉


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