Archive | July 17, 2009

Alphabet Wall: Making…G is for Grass

This is my Father’s World inspired the alphabet craft for today – G is for Green Grass!! “G for Grass” also came in handy for story time before DD’s morning nap to reinforce the lessons from Sunday School where they’ve just finished covering the story of creation and Noah’s Ark. 😉

You will need:
1. Scissors
2. Marker (oops forgot to include it in the pic! :-P)
3. Two sheets of construction paper – one green; the other can be any colour, it doesn’t matter because it’s only the backing for the G
4. Glue

G is for Grass-materials

Draw a G on the paper that you will be using for the backing.

G is for Grass-draw a G

To make the grass, from the green construction paper, cut 4-inch wide strips of paper. Fold in half lengthwise.

G is for Grass-green paper for grass

Cut thin strips perpendicular to the length, taking care not to cut all the way through to the folded portion (see pic).

G is for Grass-cut the grass

Once this is done, cut along the fold so you now have two strips of “grass”. Repeat till you have enough strips of “grass” to cover the G. [I found some green florist tissue paper from a bouquet DH gave me last time and cut some strips from this too to get some more interesting colour variation and layering on the G.]

G is for Grass-cut the grass2

Apply glue on the G, and stick the “grass” on.

G is for Grass-pasting

DD wanted to do some colouring as well! 😀

G is for Grass-colouring

When dry, cut out the G. Use your hands to brush in the direction away from the strips so you get a sort of 3D effect to resemble real grass.

G is for Grass-fray the paper

Up on the wall goes the proud masterpiece!

G is for Grass-completed