Archive | July 15, 2009

Are you a moose?

“I want to do it myself” is the latest familiar refrain around the house as DD has begun to assert her independence in greater degrees by wanting to do more things on her own. She wants to wear her shoes “myself”, eat her food “myself”, open and close the vitamins bottle “myself”, get ready for baths “myself”, wear her clothes “myself”…

What this translates to in the bedtime routine, is that she only wants to wear pajamas with buttons. Because this means she gets to button it up “myself”.  On this point, she is immovably insistent and resolutely refuses to wear pajama tops with no buttons. The palpable pride and sense of accomplishment on her face when she’s successfully buttoned all of the buttons on her shirt without any help from us, and shows us, “See Mama? See Papa? I button them all!”, is priceless. Which now leads us to an explanation to the somewhat odd title for today’s blog posting. (no, I’ve not gone barmy…) 🙂

Have you heard of Sandra Boynton? Her books are hilarious. They’re for kids but adults can find some roll-on-the-floor, laugh-out-loud gems out of her signature humour on some of the rhymes.

This is a rhyme from her Snoozers book that we’ve been reading to DD since her first birthday –


Chickens wear pajamas with a hat to match
Piggies like pajamas where the feet attach
Hippos wear pajamas just a little tight
Lions like pajamas that fit just right
Rabbits wear pajamas that are kind of loose
But you’ve got to have buttons if you’re a moose!

I used to end it with a question to her, “You’ve got buttons on your pajamas, are you a moose?” to which she will giggle and answer “No!”. 

This rhyme has sure come a long way in being a teaching tool from first learning to identify what buttons are, to understanding why the moose needs buttons on his pajamas. We’ve moved on to reading other books now but I couldn’t resist pulling it out the other night to read the rhyme again with her and ask the question again, just for the fun of it, now that she’s in this “I only want pajamas with buttons” phase! 😀