Alphabet Wall: Making…W for Wind

Today at church, TwoCultureMom asked me where’s my letter of the week posting! 😛 

We’ve had such blustery and wet weather over the past few days, that it’s just been nice to stay home and watch the rain pour and wind whistle through the trees within the safety and comfort of the living room with the kids.  So I’ve been teaching them W is for Water and W is for Wind. The thing is…how do you represent water or wind on alphabet craft? You can feel wind but capture the concept through craft? …And water? On paper? I was racking my brains all weekend.

Then today, too lazy to do the whole “park and unload sleeping baby plus active toddler out of car, wait for and find seats at restaurant, queue for food, pay, bring it back to table, take turns eating while the other entertains the kids” routine, we decided to pick up McDonald’s at the drive-thru and be done with that for lunch. While I held on to the brown bags on the car ride home, DD pointed out “Look, Mummy, it’s a W!”

W is for Wind-brownbag

Really an upside down McDonald’s logo because the bag was folded down at the top, but she wasn’t wrong!! At that moment, I decided I really had to figure out something…I couldn’t let the weekend pass without alphabet craft for the letter W!!

And so after lunch, I had a brainwave! We’ll make a W for Wind-mobile! [It is not a windchime because it doesn’t make any sounds, and I have a personal aversion to windchimes anyway…]

You will need: An old cereal box or cardboard, marker, crayons, scissors, thread, needle, two straws, ribbon.

1. Draw 8 W’s on your cardboard or cereal box. Colour.

W is for Wind-draw the Ws

2. Cut out the W’s and set aside.

W is for Wind-materials

3. Thread a needle. Secure one end of the thread to the straw, and the other end to the W. Snip off and tie a knot. Repeat till you have four W’s attached to each straw. [This takes forever!!! Er…we got impatient and decided to thread only two W’s on the second straw, LOL! :-D]

W is for Wind-tying the W

4. Cross the straws at the centre and secure firmly in place with a ribbon.
5. Ta dah! Place it at your window and watch the W‘s catch the wind.

W is for Wind-mobile 

*If you have any ideas on putting the concepts of Water and Wind to papercraft, I would like to hear from you! 🙂

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