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Fun with Cardboard Craft – Part III

Making London Bridge
Ha, well here it is, the biggest and most complicated project of them all!

DH calls this London Bridge – the craft idea was originally inspired by the kids wanting to play “London Bridge is falling down” all the time, so he thought it would be fun for them to have a structure with two towers on each side with a connecting platform above, tall enough to allow them to run or cycle under. It took DH and DD a few weeks to complete because we had to wait it out to find a suitable (and sizeable!) solution to making the platform connecting the two towers.

You will need: Six empty boxes (I picked up some empty bottled water cartons from my office), paints, paintbrushes, black marker, colour pencils, scissors, glue, masking tape, stapler, long piece of cardboard.

1. Gather the boxes and the paints. This part is the most fun. Ask your child what colour he or she wants, mix it in a container and just paint paint paint the afternoon away!

London Bridge-paint

2. Let the boxes dry overnight. It is honestly a lot of work and a lot to expect from a toddler to sit still and paint six boxes, so we split this task over a couple of weekends and one of the days, had some help from DD’s cousin as well when he dropped by for a visit.
3. In the meantime, with a marker draw out various different kinds of windows, as many as you want to stick on your towers.

London Bridge-draw windows

Colour in the windows. This is great, because you can colour anything and an way you like, they will still look very neat and pretty when cut out. Cut and set aside.

London Bridge-coloured windows

Realising the first batch of windows was not enough, we drew a second lot!!

London Bridge-more windows!

4. When the boxes are dry, stack three boxes vertically on their long edge and use masking tape to tape them together.
5. Stick on your windows.

London Bridge-towers

6. We happened to get lucky and find this top off an LCD TV packaging, hurray! No need to fiddle about trying to connect multiple pieces of cardboard. 😀 [But after all that painting work, we’re too lazy to paint this one, haha!!] Place the platform on the top with each of the towers at either end. Tape and/or staple into place if required. Done!

London Bridge-completed

We found that the “bridge” was tall enough to allow DD to push DS in the stroller under it. Cool! 😎

*Click here for an interesting read on the origins of the lyrics for this well-known nursery rhyme.*