Alphabet Wall: Making…Z is for Zebra

While the zoo visit is still fresh in DD’s memory, I wanted to make Z for the Zebras she saw at the Zoo. 🙂
You will need the following materials: Artblock sheets, marker, black poster paint, paintbrush, straw, scissors, glue, construction paper.

Z is for Zebra-materials

1. Draw a Z with your marker on an artblock sheet. On another smaller sheet, draw a zebra head. [Note my realisation that I drew the head too big and the miserable attempt to salvage what little space I had to accommodate the mane, LOL! :-P]

2. Mix the paint. I made it a lot more watery as I wanted to explore the concept of dotting the paint on the sheet and blowing through the straw to create the zebra stripes.

3. It was hard work for DD as she couldn’t muster up enough puff to get the blob of paint on the paper to move, so I ended up doing most of the work. We ditched the straw soon enough, and she picked up the paintbrush because it was much easier and I just told her to paint “number ones” across the Z.

Z is for Zebra-paints

But older children should be able to handle the “straw painting” method easily enough. We also painted the zebra head – DD painted the mane, and I painted the stripes on the face and the mouth. [Proof that crappy planning on drawings can be salvaged?! 😉 ]

Z is for Zebra-painted

4. Leave to dry. During her nap, I cut the painted Z and zebra head, and also cut out an ear from the remaining scraps of paper.

Z is for Zebra-cutouts

5. Assemble! Paste the Z on a sheet of construction paper. Paste the zebra head on the top left hand corner of the Z. Paste the ear on. Done!

Z is for Zebra-completed

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2 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…Z is for Zebra”

  1. canyoupleazzze says :

    love your letter Z!!!!

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