New things learnt at the zoo

My dad arrived on the weekend to join my mum here on their visit. And like all doting grandparents, of course, he brought presents!! A set of 28-blocks puzzle for DD and a toy truck for DS. Each of the six sides of the blocks have a themed picture – so you can assemble the alphabet, numbers, animals, etc.

At the zoo, on our way back from Kidzworld where the kids were already zoning out from all the action at the waterplay area, we’d stopped to point out the rhinoceros and lion exhibits to DD since it was along the way to the exit.

Well, when DD opened up the present, she picked out the block with the Rhinoceros picture on it and named it correctly, proper pronunciation and inflections and all! I’m so proud that she remembered because this visit was the first time I’d taught her Rhinoceros! Proof that one truly does absorb knowledge best in an Alpha mind state? 😉

Animal blocks

A very timely gift from the grandparents!

Later in the evening, she also took out her Lion hand puppet to play, recalling the lions she saw at the zoo. (They didn’t roar though, the completely unsporting lions were turning their backs on the visitors. Sigh, I still like the Tigers best! 🙂 ). Click here to see the step-by-step guide to making your own cardboard animal hand puppet. 😉

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One response to “New things learnt at the zoo”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    By the way, the lions only roar after they’ve had a big feed; otherwise they are lazing around avoiding the heat (the lionesses usually hunt at night anyway). 🙂

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