It’s a hot day in the Outback!

DH’s been reading this book to the kids in the past couple of weeks with an outback Aussie accent thrown in for good measure…cracks me up! This week happened to be the last week of the Singapore Zoo‘s June Holidays Outback Adventure special. Very nicely timed!

Hot Day in the Outback

So off we went on Saturday morning, DS’s first trip to the zoo.  At the entrance, there was a Zoolympix 2009 booth setup, where you could buy a Zoolympix pack, containing a water bottle, cap and goodie bag containing stuff sponsored by Abbott Nutrition’s Grow and a book detailing the stations we needed to complete, for $3.

We picked up a pack as it looked interesting. It started out a really hot and sunny day and we were just hanging around the Otters enclosure waiting for our friends to arrive, after completing one of the stations of the Zoolympix, when I looked up to see a very suddenly darkened sky with ominous cumulonimbus clouds hanging over our heads.  Oh man!  We just got here!!  We hurried on to the White Tigers exhibit.  There were tons of people about, and it isn’t difficult to understand why.  The tigers are a consistent crowd-pleaser, and they’re always at the ready to promenade up and down and pose majestically for the camera snappy-happy.

It started drizzling lightly just about then, and we started getting the hats and raincoats out to cover the kids.   The rest of it was a bit of a mad dash for me, because I was carrying DS, who kept trying to pull off the raincoat hood, which made me scramble all the faster to get to the next nearest shelter ASAP.  DH and DD were able to take a little more time, catching the kangaroo, emu and wallaby exhibits along the way.   Thankfully, we managed to finally make our way to the Elephants of Asia section, where the 11:30am Elephants At Work and Play Show was just starting in 10 minutes time. Great opportunity to catch our breath… and catch a very impressive show. 🙂  Everyone had a really fun time and DD is still talking about it today!

The rain stopped after the Elephants show, and we made our way to Rainforest Kidzworld for lunch.  After lunch, DS napped in the stroller, while DD had some waterplay fun in the wet play area with our friends’ son.  With the sun beating down really hot all over again, it was really great to sit and splash in the water!!  😛


I really like the design of the waterplay area. I love how it uses the simple and environmentally friendly concept of pulleys and weights to create tipping buckets that splash water when the buckets are full on to the (sometimes unsuspecting) person standing below.    I don’t quite like the look of the huge elephant tipping bucket in the centre though – I think the elephant is quite grotesque looking. 


It was a really fruitful day – we did and saw so many things.  Both families felt we saw more animals on this trip than we ever did when we went as individual family units, so we’ve made plans to go again, in a bigger group the next time round!  Counting down the days to our next trip! 😀

Spoils from the Zoo

Our spoils from the zoo – a panda poster we won from the Zoolympix lucky dip after handing in our book with three stations completed, the hat that came with the pack, a colouring sheet from an Abbott Nutrition stall set up at the Giraffes exhibit which came with a free box of crayons, a little holographic image bookmark they handed out to us at the exit when leaving, and the Zoolympix book.

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