Fun with Cardboard Craft – Part II

Making a Lion Hand Puppet!
You will need: An artblock sheet, marker, colour pencils, two boxes, scissors, glue, double-sided tape. 

Lion Hand Puppet-materials

1. Draw the various parts of the lion’s face on the artblock sheet – the eyes and mane, the mouth, a tongue, the sides of the mane. Colour.
2. Cut out the parts and attach double-sided tape to the back of each part. [You can also use glue, I just used double-sided tape because DD is on an anti-glue streak at the moment, she hates getting any on her hands]
3. Cut away the thinner section off the top flap of one of the boxes. Attach double-sided tape to the inside section of the remaining flap.

Lion Hand Puppet-doublesided tape

4. Stick this onto the other box, as shown in the picture below. You should be able to put four fingers in the top box and your thumb in the bottom box and clap the two boxes together to mimic a chomping action. Your puppet frame is now ready for embellishment.

Lion Hand Puppet-taped boxes

5. Stick on the parts of the lion’s face – eyes section on the top flap of the top box, the four mane pieces on each of the four side flaps, the mouth of the lion on the bottom of the top box, and the tongue on the section where the two boxes clamp together.

Lion Hand Puppet-ready for assembly 

We had tons of fun running round the room roaring raucously and singing…
The lion is the king of the jungle, and he goes….ROAAARRR!!!  DS was very entertained! 🙂

Lion Hand Puppet-roar!!

Stay tuned for Cardboard Craft – Part III 😉


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