Fun with Cardboard Craft – Part I

Flannel Board base-folded

Look what my mom made and brought over for the kids! Isn’t it cool?

It’s a flannel board that I can use as a teaching aid to put up pictures and figurines. Mom says it can also double up as a base for puppet shows. I’m already thinking up all the Bible stories that I can tell the kids and stuff we can do for Friday lessons, and anticipating all the fun I’m going to have sourcing out storyboard resources! 🙂

To make this flannel board, you need the following materials: An old cardboard box, scissors, masking tape, a roll of velcro, and a panel of flannel cloth.

1. Cut your box in half. You want the section that has the top flap and bottom flap and a full side panel.
2. Turn it over such that the full panel faces you, and the two flaps are on either side.
3. Reinforce the sides of the cardboard with masking tape.
4. Cut out 8 tabs of velcro measuring 3 inches long each. Use masking tape to secure these 8 tabs to the cardboard as per what’s shown in the picture below. You can also staple them down to make it more hardy for long-term usage. 

The first picture above shows what the board looks like when its folded up for storage. The middle velcro tabs on either side of the cardboard perform a dual function – supporting the flannel when the board is open, and securing the board close when it’s folded.  Isn’t that so clever?! 🙂

Flannel Board base

5. Attach the flannel cloth to the completed cardboard panel. The cloth should adhere easily to the velcro tabs. Done!

The flannel board is now ready. 😀  Cut out whatever figurines or pictures  you would like to use and attach velcro tabs to the back of them and you’re ready to roll. 

Flannel Board in use

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