Busy bedtime!

Snippets from our bedtime prayers tonight…

Me: Okay honey, let’s thank God for today.  Thank you God for…?
DD: We build sandcastles!
Me: We did, didn’t we? And played on the slide?
DD: I slide down. With Poh Poh.
Me: Yes you did. Was it fun?
DD: And I’m scared of the swings.
Me: Well, yes, so you didn’t go on them.
DD: Only mama sit. And papa sit.  Only people sit on the swings.
Me: Uh huuuh…only people, huh? But you are not people?
DD: No.
Me: [shrugs, okay]. And let’s thank God for our food we ate today, yeah? Remember what you had for lunch? Tell papa what you had? Spaghett…
DD: Sir-spaghee! [breaks out into giggles]
Me: Yup, spaghetti.
DD: Sir-spaghee! Hahahahahahaha!
Me: Okay, let’s finish up our prayers..
DD: Sir-spaghee! Hahahahahahaha!

And the rest of the prayer was finished off peppered with non-stop giggles. Sigh, I had only myself to blame. I did start it! 🙂

And this was all after a chasing game around the room with a chortling DS who was too busy to settle down for a diaper change.  Squirming out from our arms to  scale the picture frame leaning against the wall and attempt to lick the dust off it just for the great thrill of eliciting exclamations from his horrified mother.  And crawling back and forth from the frame to the bedroom door to pound on it.  Hardly your average by the book bedtime routine…

It was just miraculous that they went off to sleep not too far off from the usual timing, after all that excitement and noise! Phew!

Barnslig Rand from Ikea

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