Bottle Tree Park

Bottle Tree Park - tree

The Bottle Tree Park in Yishun is literally that – there is a single full grown bottle tree at the entrance.  I guess I expected more…I dunno, bottle trees, or at least more trees rather than man-made structures…  😉

We drove in by the Sembawang Road entrance into Lorong Chencharu, greeted by the white signs indicating the premises of the AVA Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station and AVA Sembawang Research  Station. Groovy.  So here’s where they keep all the infected animals for observation and testing…and we’re driving straight into the area?  A little further on, a tiny wooden sign indicated a right turn into Bottle Tree Park, where we then had to turn left to get in to the carpark, but not before noticing another building marked Animal Husbandry and SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre.  The new things you find out everyday…

The park itself reminded me of a mini version of the Malaysian Mines Wonderland

Bottle Tree Park-lake view

Well, Mines Wonderland is a lot larger and has a greater variety of attractions, but the general concept was the same.  It was such a mish-mash of stuff, it really looked like a typically Chinese kiasu attempt to cover all bases possible. There’s a go-kart track (not operative), a skateboarding park (no one was using it), some fruit trees and stalls selling fruits (space rental revenue?), swan paddling (all chained up, no one operating also), a pool table, a foosball table, a seafood restaurant, a koi pond,

Bottle Tree Park-fish

prawning (didn’t really see this in action), fishing, longkang fishing (lots of kids stomping about in the wading area violently batting the water with their nets and probably traumatising the fish) and of course, plenty of people flouting the rule that only a maximum of 5 fish were allowed to be brought back in the little plastic aquariums they sold for you to put the fish you caught in.  It was such a mixed bag!  And somebody explain to me the link between the dinosaur bones exhibit and bottle trees, er I mean, bottle tree…(so that’s why it’s not called Bottle Trees Park, eh?) 😉 

Bottle Tree Park-dinosaur bones

It was a hot hot hot day, in every sense of the word.  I am not a wax princess but it was truly so scorching that we didn’t spend more than an hour at the park, and for the most of the hour I sat with DS being camera snappy-happy under the very welcome shade of an umbrella shielding a wooden bench by the lake while DH and DD found a shaded spot under the slide to indulge in some sandplay. 

Bottle Tree Park-playground

Ah well, I’m not all cynicism. The trip to Bottle Tree Park and back reminded me of Malaysia in some sense.  The piece of land on which Bottle Tree Park sits on is really spacious, 7 precious hectares in Singapore although there was very little shade around the lake area.  

Bottle Tree Park-lake

There was a lot of greenery (though not so much in the park, as on the way there and back out along Sembawang and Mandai Road) and at some point somewhere around the Thomson area, we drove through a road which was flanked on either side by two storey shophouses with all kinds of trade represented. Altogether quite the interesting weekend trip and not something you see everywhere in the usual urban Singapore landscape.  🙂


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