Alphabet Wall: Making..U is for Umbrella

A thoroughly messy but also thoroughly enjoyable affair, best conducted in the bathroom where the paint splatter and splotches can be showered down immediately!  😀

You will need: Various scraps of paper in different patterns and/or colours, scissors, glue, an artblock sheet, light blue paint, palette/dish, old toothbrush.

Cut out umbrella shapes from different pieces of paper. If you have different textures as well as different colours or patterns, all the merrier! Cut out enough U shapes from a solid colour paper, to match the number of umbrella shapes. [I snipped a little off the top from the left hand side of the U, just so it would look more like an umbrella handle.  How to tell the difference between these and a J if she should ask later on?  Hmm, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, heh! 😉

U is for Umbrella-materials

Let your child glue on the U’s on the artblock sheet in any fashion he/she likes, and then glue on the umbrella shapes afterward.  If you look closely at the top centre section, you’ll see a little squiggle of crayon.  DD always likes to do some crayon work on her art.  While she did that, I mixed up the paint in the dish.  When she saw the paint, crayons were off and paintbrushes became her next favourite thing. 🙂

U is for Umbrella-pretty brollies all in a row

Dip the toothbrush in the paint, and use the other end of the paintbrush to run against the toothbrush to create a splatter effect on the umbrellas.  I hadn’t yet mentioned it but DD exclaimed, “Like raindrops!”  Cool.  Achieved the effect and the lesson objective I wanted! 😎

U is for Umbrella-paint!

After that she couldn’t resist using the paintbrush to dab the paint directly on, so I let her have fun while I cleaned up.  All done! 

U is for Umbrella-completed

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