Archive | June 11, 2009

The irresistible force meets the immovable object


Q: What is the strongest part of an egg?
A: The strongest part of an egg is the pointed end. The next strongest is the opposite end. The long rounded sides are the weakest, because they absorb the most force. The design of the egg shell makes it very strong from tip to tip. You will notice a small end and a large end on a chicken’s egg. If you try to squeeze the egg from end to end it takes a lot of force to break it but if you use just a little pressure on the sides at the center it breaks easily.

I know this from memory. I double confirmed it on this morning. But DD will have it her own way as you will see from the conversation below 🙂

DD: [attempts to break her breakfast hard-boiled egg by tapping it on the pointy end on her tray]
Me: Sweetheart, the pointy ends of the egg are the strongest points. Try hitting in the middle. Like this. [demonstrates tapping the egg on the long rounded side and hands back the egg to DD]
DD: [takes back the egg and continues to tap the pointy end but with more force]
Me: Hit in the middle. The pointy part is harder to break. It won’t break.
DD: [now hammering the egg for all its worth on the pointy end]. *Crack!!* [With a triumphant grin, DD quips] You see?
Me: …
DH: Just like her mother…she just has to challenge what she’s told…

Yeah…and just like her mother, she’s too hungry to wait for mommy to take a photo of the cracked pointy end. So all I got was a pic of the peeling of the egg in progress.

Peeling the egg