The “grand” in grandparents

If DS and DD could write poetry at this point in their lives, maybe this is what they would say… 🙂

There’s a reason why grandparents are called what they are
I’ll tell you why I think mine are the grandest by far
I have four grandparents, yes wee little me
When they’re around, life’s all fun and great glee

First is my grandad, my daddy’s daddy
He folds paper frogs and sails boats with me
I love to be carried and hear all his stories
There’s always a present(!) when he’s back with the groceries

My paternal grandma is small and petite
Mealtime menus are always a scrumptious treat
Her patience with our antics is legendary
My parents think we get away with transgressions too many

My mama’s papa spends most his time being contemplative
He loves desserts, he’s a true blue North Malaysian native
When grandpa’s with me, it feels like we’ve all the time in the world
And from his memory countless lullabies, songs and rhymes will unfurl

My maternal grandma is bursting with energy
She never sits still, so much to be done, must stay busy
All time perfection is her satisfaction
I wonder if that’s where I inherited my determination!

My grandads my grandmas the greatest they are
So you see why I think they’re the grandest by far
I thank God for His wonderful gifts to me
of grand grandparents, as grand as can be

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One response to “The “grand” in grandparents”

  1. Davis says :

    sounds like a great family — you are very lucky

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