Alphabet Wall: Making…T is for Tree

With DS’s feeds and my pumping patterns now settling into a new routine, we are back on track with our alphabet wall craft.  🙂

T for Tree is brought to you by the iwonderbee Art Workshop!  The original inspiration for this artwork needs to be credited back to our friend, TwoCultureMom who originally did this finger paints piece for a lesson on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, in our church’s Cradle Roll class for 1-3 year olds.

T is for Tree-original idea

You will need the following materials:  Artblock sheet, marker, crayon, paint palette (I couldn’t find mine so I used DD’s toy cooking pots and plates!), paints – green, brown, red (Here I chose to use both light green and dark green so that the end result provides some texture and body to the tree’s colour).

Draw a tree trunk with the black marker – this is the bottom of a capital T. Draw the top of the T using a green crayon.  This functions as a boundary guide for your child when painting later.

T is for Tree-outline

Prepare your paints.  [There’s no need to add water.]

T is for Tree-materials

Have your child dip the tip of his/her finger into the paint and dot the respective area.  Brown for the tree trunk, Green for the leaves,  and we used Red for the fruits/flowers.  Yes it can get really messy!! Halfway through, finger-dotting turned into palm-smudging!  😉 

T is for Tree - Messy, messy!

The end effect turned out quite nice though.  🙂   In the evening, we went to the playground for an extension of the lesson and had fun pointing out different trees that lined the perimeter of the park, talking about which ones looked like the tree we painted, and picking up some red saga seeds which the red dots on our tree represented.

T is for Tree-completed


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3 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…T is for Tree”

  1. Xylandra says :

    nicely done, wonderbee 😀 when she’s older, you can teach her colour blends. 😀

    • iwonderbee says :

      Hiya Xylandra, heh, if you’re talking mixing colours…yeah there’s some of that already happening of sorts…into a greyish brownish mass, LOL!!

  2. twoculturemom says :

    Now really, seriously, this blog is making you look more and more like a homeschooling mom. But I shall not try to persuade you :).

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