Hungry in the heartland

This whole cafe culture thingy is an overrated and expensive affair. There I was today, thinking I would have some nice “me-time”  with a book and a nice hot cuppa before my dental appointment at 10:30am.  So I went checking out the various outlets around Tanjong Pagar

Spinelli’s –  mostly coffee on the menu, and maybe a hot chocolate that is significantly overpriced by my standards!  Nothing doing.  Next.

Cinnabun – $4.80 for toast (in all likelihood one slice of bread cut into two triangles) and baked beans and scrambled eggs. Top up $1.50 for bacon or ham (probably one, maybe two if I’m lucky, slim slivers).  Wha-a-a-att??!!  I could easily toss that up myself at home for a fraction of that price and eat myself silly with tons of toast,  a whole tin of baked beans and generous slices of lip-smacking crisp and fragrant lightly-singed-at-the-edges bacon off the grill.  Next.

Burger King – breakfast menu price range $5-7.  And it isn’t even tasty.  Next.

Round and round the area I went until I realised I only had 30 minutes left. Sigh.  So finally ducking into Dessert Hut, I ordered myself a $2 walnut cream hot dessert and proceeded to read  my book.  Haha, this whole account makes me sound so totally “too cheapo for cafe culture”.   But then, to me, in this instance…saving money is more important than saving face.  I have my book, I have my dessert, it’s yummy enough, not over-filling, and something I wouldn’t ever get up to making at home.   Good enough for me  😉

Walnut cream

The dental check up which was a follow up from the bone graft surgery went well.  The membrane that the dentist put in is keeping well, and I have a few more checkups scheduled over the next 12 weeks to make sure the bone has grafted in properly to move onto the next stage of putting in a dental implant.

A quick MRT ride home to pump,  short time with the kids and then back out again to meet DH for lunch at Tampines

Singapore HDB flats

We went to Phin’s BeerHaus and Grill at Tampines Mall.  Heh,  so now we come to the reason why iwonderbee will never cut it as a food blog.  Once the food arrives at the table, the first thought in my head is not so much of “Ooh, let’ s snap a photo of this fine presentation”, it’s really much closer to  “Hooray!! Food, food! Starving! Hungry! Tuck in!”. 

So all I’ve got for you is a miserable photo of the banner outside the restaurant…

Phin's Menu

and my honest-to-goodness word that the offer price $16.90 tenderloin steak is really really quite good for a budget steakhouse.  Hehe. I will try to improve, okay? Exercise some self-control and take out the camera first.  Maybe…  🙂

Hey, what can I say, I’m just a really hungry kid. Always have been.  Always will be.   😉


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4 responses to “Hungry in the heartland”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    It’s not just food–you are a certified cheapskate in all areas! 🙂 After all these years, you’re still thinking in ringgit aren’t you? I like reading your writing. Keep it up…good for your sanity. I’m putting you on my blogroll. I just migrated to wordpress since yahoo 360 is shutting down and the replacement is BORING.

    • iwonderbee says :

      Heheh…yes I remain…the consummate cheapo…and proud of it, LOL!! Ringgit has nothing to do with it. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, and you still need to let me know what’s your blog’s name 😉

  2. Grace says :

    Hi Gwen, I share the same sentiment as you. Did not realise you were Malaysian, so am I! I’m used to getting good food which does not cost and arm and leg in Malaysia so paying $300 per head for a meal – I can’t justify it, let alone paying $100 per head. That is why I never venture to places like Lawry’s or Morton’s – although I have been to some pretty expensive places, they were paid by my friends who threw parties.

    I also can’t be bothered taking food pictures before eating them and only after I’ve had the lot, do I feel a sense of regret that it could have gone into my blog. But c’est la vie!

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