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Day at the Museum

It’s Monday and I am soooo tired. Yesterday was just a whirlwind of activity from the word “go!”
On Sundays, I am typically up by 7 and bustling about to get things ready. DH and the kids usually start stirring around 7:40-ish to wash up for breakfast.
After breakfast, we change the kids and ourselves and head out to church. But today because we were going out for lunch, I had to make extra sure that we’d packed all the necessary barang-barang.

Today DS chose to really drag out his feed which put me in a bit of a crummy mood because I spent all my time (and energy) trying to get the restless little wriggler to drink his milk. Add to that, we realised that we forgot to pack his rice cereal, so DH ducked out quickly to the shops to get a pack off the shelves. He went to three supermarkets before finding an alternative brand basic rice cereal!! Cold Storage and Giant, I am truly disappointed!

When we arrived earlier at church, I had put in two bottles of expressed milk into the church fridge to keep cool, so that I could toss the cooler bag into the freezer and maximise its usage for longer hours later. Imagine my anxiety when I suddenly couldn’t find one of the bottles that was meant for DS’s afternoon feed as we were packing to leave for lunch. I was like, “[O_ o] My liquid gold!! Where is it? Where is my milk?!” You want adrenaline-pumping, this is it. Mentally stressful. And hilarious in a twisted kind of way. It’s not like you could ask just anybody if they had seen the Medela bottle in the fridge [and give the awkward explanation why it was critically important to retrieve…]. *roll eyes*
Anyway, thankfully our friend, H calmly went to search and found it…hidden behind some other bottles and stuff!! Joy and relief!

We decided on lunch at Funan the IT Mall‘s Pastamania. This was a good choice. It was easy to get seats for a big party of people. They had high chairs. There was no queue. What else could two wired up parents ask for? It was with great relief that we sank into our chairs and chowed down our pastas.
After lunch, it was about 2pm and we collectively agreed on visiting the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Then the ones who had any energy left could attempt the National Museum, or the Asian Civilisations Museum.

It was so packed! There was a lot going on! [What else were we expecting….say the word “free” and you will have an instant Uniquely Singapore stampede to take advantage of the offer…]

There were so many people it was a challenge to keep track of DD and DH. DS continued to be restless and I did not want to let him down to crawl on a surface where so many people were stomping about, so after a while I gave up trying to keep him in the sling and handed him off to his father.

At the entrance, we were given a sheet each of a short quiz, which you were to complete as you went through the galleries and hand in the completed quiz for a little prize when you leave.
Marigold jelly..mmm, nice and cold treats for a scorching afternoon. 😉  [The resolution’s really bad as I had to hide this away and snap a photo on the phone camera in the night…I didn’t want to give it to DD, all the preservatives!!]

Fun Quiz

R, one of the mothers, bought a “Traveller to the World of Philately” passport” for each of the kids. Here’s a picture of the passport.

Philately Passport

What you had to do was to read the information in the galleries to get the answers to the questions and clues in the passport. When you have found the answer, you need to look for a hidden box in the wall containing a rubber stamp design, place your passport page under the rubber stamp and press. There are a total of 12 rubber stamps hidden behind little doors in each gallery.
I have to tell you that this trip to the museum was no walk in the park, even for the adults! We had to do a fair measure of hunting high and low to get the right stamps for each page. While DD had great fun dashing about here and there with us, we were the ones doing all the literal legwork (and brainwork)!
Add this to the quiz, wahh…my brain is totally fried.

Stamped Passport Pages

This activity is a modified version of Letterboxing that originated in Dartmoor, England and was inspired by the passion of Letterboxers and philatelists collecting postmarks and cachets.
Letterboxers trace their curious hobby back to 1854, when a Victorian gentleman walker put his calling card in a bottle and stuck the bottle into a bank in a remote part of Dartmoor” Letterboxing continues to draw people and their families to the Dartmoor National Park today.
Interesting bit of trivia. I’ll file that snippet away in the memory and maybe we’ll think about visiting Dartmoor when we plan a trip to the UK in a couple of years to come.

There were also stations set up for games and desks with templates of stamp designs, equipped with colour pencils and papers that children could do colouring and etching on. DD stayed put quite a long time here because she loves colouring, and I was relieved because it meant I didn’t have to keep on keeping track where she was in the midst of such a crowd.

In the Orange Room, there was a Comics Mania stall setup. R and I were hanging about the stall and she said her husband had stacks of comics. I said, wait till you see DH’s roomfuls of comics! Overhearing us, the nice lady at the stall, handed us two goodie bags, each containing a free comic book, “Here, for your hubbies!” Hehe! Thinking I was so pleased with it, I went back to DH showing him the pack. His response, “Oh I’ve already got the Wolverine comic, should have gotten another one, like Transformers.” Hmmph. So I went back in true heartland auntie style and asked the lady “Excuse me, do you have Transformers? He says he has Wolverine already.” Bless her heart, she gave me the whole pack – Wolverine, Transformers, GI Joe (on the other side of the Transformers mag), The Avengers and Blackest Night.  🙂  I am a happy woman, he is a happy man.

Comic Books

Upstairs, there were more comics exhibitions. There was also a caricature artist from the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore). DH used to go for some of their classes.
For a fee starting from $5, the artist would draw a caricature of yourself as your favourite superhero. DH was saying it would have been cute to request a Batman and Robin drawing of him and DS…but then thinking about it…Batman and Robin both wear masks!! So, aiyah, he can draw it himself…maybe just sketch on a pair of spectacles for Batman, LOL!!

DD wandered off into a Milky Way Marigold cooking demonstration, and I had to run up to the front where she stood, blocking all the aunties and dodging all the big kids to steer her back out to the main lobby. Heh, too bad…would have liked to hang around for free tastings. 😛

At 4pm we decided to call it a day. As we drove out of the carpark, we saw a man park his car and climb up to pick mangoes off a tree! I kid you not. I don’t think we were so tired that our eyes were playing tricks on us…he had three mangoes lined up across his car windshield. ??!!!

The kids slept in the car. When we got home, they woke up all refreshed, while we were ready to crash. Sob sob!! DH very wonderfully volunteered to bring the two to the playground while I caught a half hour nap before needing to get dinner ready. Dinner and baths and some short playtime with the grandparents afterward, they finally called it a night at 9.  What a long post.  What. a. day.