This week in the Wonderbee household…

This week in the Wonderbee household

DS climbed up two flights of stairs in grandpa’s home…and he hasn’t stopped repeating the feat since! I am so proud of him.

A couple of weeks ago, he went on a nursing strike and has not returned to direct latching but has demonstrated a clear preference for the bottle and even more so, for his solids meals.  It was a tough time for me, as I looked up and applied every single tip and recommendation I found on kellymom and the La Leche League International websites.

Finally on Friday, we went to see a lactation consultant who observed DS for an hour and surmised that nine months old being a milestone in itself, it would appear he has discovered a whole new world out there such that nursing is no longer attractive because it requires him to stay still (and he won’t!!)

Oh well.  So I am down to exclusive pumping, as I still want to try and achieve my target of providing him milk till he is 12 months old.  It was also a major milestone for me as a mother, to cherish the very last time he nursed as a memory of our nursing relationship and a marker of his first step towards realizing his independence as a separate individual.

DD went down the curvy playground slide on her own.  And the swings.  Previously she always wanted me or DH to go with her as I think she felt the height was daunting. This weekend, she totally surprised us when she climbed up all on her own, and slid down laughing gleefully all the way, and repeating it for another four times before it was time to go home.  She refused the kiddy swing and wanted to go on the regular adult ones instead. On her own.   When previously she would have nothing whatsoever to do with the swings.

This week was the second week that I left her on her own for her Cradle Roll Sunday School class.  She didn’t even blink when I said bye and that I’d be just outside if she wanted to look for me.  Me and my indecisive hanging around…the teacher was probably thinking, “Go, already!”  Talk about the mommy being the one with the separation anxiety!

 So many memorable milestones in a week.  All that change, it’s all we can do to try and keep up, give them roots and then watch them fly…


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One response to “This week in the Wonderbee household…”

  1. naush says :

    You took me down memory lane with this post ! I must say, you are really trying a great job with the little one’s nursing habbit. Most women would be only so happy to let them off the habbit. Wish more of us were like you.

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