Making a Picture Collage

Do this craft if…

…for sheer fun and laughter, peace and joy; you’re curious to find out what your toddler’s level of patience is.
…you’re totally in full blown thrill-seeking mode to find out what your level of patience with your toddler’s level of patience is.

You have been forewarned. (!!!)  😉

You will need: Scissors, old magazines, artblock sheet, crayons, colour pencils, glue.

Cut several tiny squares of different coloured paper from your old magazines.   I asked DD what colours she would like and she helped me pick up the pieces and put into a box as I cut them. Set aside.

Squares for collage

Draw a picture of anything you fancy.  I started by drawing a house and a path and windows,  then a pond, DD wanted a mama and papa duck, I added some flowers and  a tree, she asked for a bird and we agreed a sun would be nice.  Oh and an itsy-bitsy spider climbing up, please!  😀

Collage picture

Have your toddler colour the picture as she pleases.  Apply glue on the various parts that you want to collage. Let the fun begin!

It’s interesting the things you find out from a simple collage exercise. For instance, I learnt today that DD hated having glue and paper stuck to her fingers.  The more she tried to get them off, the more pieces got stuck, because her fingers had glue from the artblock sheet where she had started sticking the first few squares. She got so irritated to the point of tears and pleas for mommy to help get it off.  Wow. Never saw such a reaction ever.  In the end, we washed the glue and papers off her hands and she was happy just to pick up the colours I called out and let me be the one to get my hands dirty doing the pasting. 

I also learnt that it’s probably quite a massive expectation to have a 27 month old try to complete a collage with this level of complexity patiently. And that I still have a lot more to go in developing patience with my child, especially when she lost interest and started freaking out over the mess on her fingers.  As much as it would have been a great idea for combining different art elements, mediums and techniques, it would probably be better to do something like this at a later juncture.   [Hopefully she would have gotten over the whole ‘glue-stuck-to-fingers-and-papers-stuck-to-glue’  episode by then.]   

Oh well. For what it’s worth, here’s the finished product.  DH says it turned out pretty good, although the perfectionist in me is itching to finish it but for now, that’s as much as DD will have to do with it.   🙂 

Finished Collage


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  1. Cassi says :

    I love this and featured it today on The Crafty Crow 🙂

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