Museum-hopping, anyone?

Museum-hopping, anyone?

International Museum Day ’09 Open House Day is on 31 May 2009, this coming Sunday. A total of 13 locations are offering free admission on this day.

Apart from the Open House, there are also some activities for kids like the “See, Touch, Play!” exhibition at National Museum of Singapore which is part of its Children’s Season from 23 May to 7 June.
I’ve missed the 24 May Family Carnival, but would be certainly trying to see if we can catch the Play! art installation where kids can get an opportunity to bend “trees” and assemble foam “bushes”.
The Asian Civilisations Museum is having an Oriental Extravaganza on 30 and 31 May. It’s free admission on both days and kids can have a chance at making their very own paper lanterns, or try their hands at Chinese calligraphy, martial arts and dance.
The NUS Museum is having a Doodle Fun! workshop [hm, at this point while typing, I just had to pause to question why all the event names have exclamation marks…it almost seems as if it’s being shouted out…LOL] for parents and children. Click will show participants how random squiggling can be turned into a piece of art, and teach the basics of “collaboration doodling” to create a joint artwork with your child. I think this one costs $15 per adult and child but the activities at the National Museum and ACM are free.

Click here to get to the Singapore National Heritage Board website from which there are a whole lot more links to explore and find out more.
We’re certainly going to be checking some of the museums out (ha, no prizes for guessing which ones…) and definitely making the most of the Open House Day on Sunday. 🙂


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