Terminal 3 at Changi Airport

We took a quick car ride out to Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 after dinner tonight, just to get a change of scenery from being cooped up indoors all day.
We’d never explored Basement 2 before this, so we took the glass lift down, and found to our delight there were quite a number of interesting places and things to keep both parents and kids occupied.

For instance, did you know that the 7% Goods and Services Tax is absorbed at selected merchandisers and outlets in T3? I’d heard of it from one of our cell group members that Watsons was one of the participating outlets but never actually went to check it out. Cool huh?

T3 Watsons

Except that we went looking for Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Wash, but they didn’t have it there, so in the end we bought it from the NTUC Fairprice, which is not one of the participating outlets in the GST absorption. Ah well! But if you go to any of the other outlets listed on this poster, you might be able to hopefully find some good bargains 😉


There’s also a Kopitiam foodcourt (so here’s where the cheaper food is!  😀 ). Initially I thought T3 only had all these expensive restaurants, half of which (and this is the better half, at least in my opinion!) can’t be accessed unless you are checking in for a flight. What a dumb idea by the planning department…I mean, obviously if you are putting in retail and food outlets, these should be made as accessible as possible to garner the highest chance of getting customer traffic?!

Anyways. There is a pretty water fountain with lights that enthralled the children who gathered around to try and figure out the timing pattern of the water jets.  Sorry, the photo doesn’t do it justice…you really have to go see it for yourself  😉

T3 fountain

Opposite the fountain is a fun and very busy crayon etchings station, where there are various patterns which can be etched out using the papers and crayons provided. At all times, it was fully occupied by both adults and children alike, all busy trying out the various patterns at each of the eight desks. We never got a chance to get close!

T3 Etchings Station

There is also a children’s play area, and I thought this was pretty cool because it’s not so big that you’d lose track of where your child is, and there are various activity stations around the structure that can keep a child well entertained for some time while the parents put their feet up for a brief rest at the nearby benches.

T3 Kids Play Area

Not bad. I’ve always loved how the architectural design of T3 marries the modern sophistication of steel and glass, whilst managing to weave in an environmentally friendly theme and feel with the corresponding use of  stone and timber…and this is reflected in the upper levels of the terminal.  But B2’s got a very down-to-earth and functional vibe, and  one gets the feeling that it’s always humming and buzzing with people and activity.  If we weren’t rushing back for the kids’ bedtime, we’d have loved to linger a little longer.  Well,  there’s always a next time!  🙂


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