Precious sibling moments…

When your daughter stops in the midst of play to run over on an impulse and give her brother a hug and kiss.
When your son reaches out and grabs a handful of his sister’s hair, but she doesn’t complain because she understands that he’s still learning to be gentle.

When the sister hands her baby brother a book so that he will also have one when she takes one from the shelf to read.
When the brother chases his irritated sister all around the room just so he can have whatever is in her hand, not what she hands to him as alternatives.

When your son’s face lights up in excitement to see his sister at his cot to give him a morning cuddle.
When you rush into the room at night to the sounds of screams and cries, and find your daughter standing at the foot of your bed, sobbing, because she wanted to call and tell you that baby brother woke up crying, and couldn’t find you.

When you find your daughter teaching her little brother how to shake a rattle and passes it to him and you watch him then shake it and release it back to her, and they keep passing it back and forth to share the toy.
When your son claps his hands because his sister has successfully put together her new jigsaw puzzle.

When you hear your daughter trying to calm her upset brother in the carseat by singing all the Sunday School songs and nursery rhymes she knows.
When it works, and your son responds and stops crying, to smile and clap his hands to his sister’s singing.

When one baby-talks to the other, and they both burst out in peals of laughter…and you have no idea what it was all about because it’s just a special joke between siblings…  🙂

Precious Sibling Moments


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