Retail therapy

To distract myself from my swollen left jaw which was starting to really itch and pull from the sutures, we decided on a whim and fancy to drive out all the way to Woodlands St 41 to the Singapore American School’s PTA White Elephant Sale.

The school foyer was bustling with activity. There were lots of stalls set up, selling all kinds of trinkets – jewellery, brand new and second hand, bags, clothes, costumes, books, books and more books, toys of all kinds like miniature dinosaurs, stuffed animals, household appliances, even travel bars of soap(?!)

We were hoping to get some good books and toys for DD and DS. But there wasn’t that much variety available, or maybe not so much the kind we were looking for. Most of the second hand books on sale were for older children, and as a general principle we never buy second hand stuffed toys. But we did come across some good jigsaw puzzles which we got for a good price.

There was a 150 piece puzzle of the British Isles, which we figured would make for a great family activity and geography lesson a couple of years down the road.  😀

We also got a wooden puzzle of zoo animals for $5, which DD was soooo unwilling to put down once she’d seen it.  She really loves puzzles. This puzzle originally retails in the $30+ region in Toys R’ Us.
And this eyelet threading activity wooden horse for $3. I like it very much. At first, I was a bit worried that the wooden threader was a bit sharp at the tip and we might need to sandpaper it down a bit, but DD handled it fine. All the same, I think we’ll only let her play it under our supervision as I wouldn’t want any unnecessary accidents to happen from a curious toddler or a curious baby!

Retail Therapy

The wooden horse also happened to be from the stall of a fellow mom blogger; from whose blog I first heard about the SAS garage sale! It was great to meet another blogging mom and exchange some contacts to keep in touch.  🙂


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