Alphabet Wall: Making…C is for Caterpillar

I decided to have a more 3D effect with the next alphabet craft. I modeled this after Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and was quite pleased with the finished product.  😀

You will need: An egg carton, scissors, green and red paints, paintbrushes, yellow paper.

Cut out a C from a cardboard egg carton. I rounded off the edges on the left hand side just a little.
From the excess, cut out one cup for the head of the caterpillar, two long skinny rectangles for the antennae, two ovals for eyes and a smaller oval for a mouth. Cut out two oval shapes from yellow paper, slightly larger than the eyes you have cut out of the egg carton cardboard.

C for Caterpillar materials

Start by painting the C green. You will need quite a fair bit of green paint to cover the ground.

Green C

Next, paint the single egg cup red. DD was very thorough with this one, making sure practically all the area was covered, including the inside! As opposed to the green C, where after a while, she got impatient and just dumped the whole pot of paint on, LOL!!  😀

Red Caterpillar Head

Also cover the antennae, eyes and mouth with paint. For the antennae, I mixed both the green and red paints so it came out a sort of purplish reddish tone. Let it dry.

Once all the various parts are dry [an afternoon nap is handy!], apply some glue on one of the sides of the red head. Stick on the yellow oval shapes. Follow this with some glue on the yellow ovals, and stick on the green eyes.
Next stick on the mouth, and the antennae.

Apply some glue on one end of the C. Stick on the caterpillar head. Have some fun acting out the story before it goes on the alphabet wall!

C is for Caterpillar-completed

Upright C

N.B. – For parents of older children or homeschooling parents, click here for a fantastic website that has some really useful resources for printables and lesson ideas for Phonics, Math and Science!


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3 responses to “Alphabet Wall: Making…C is for Caterpillar”

  1. naush says :

    Awesome, loved the Caterpillar. Sure the kids will have a blast ! waiting to see more.

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