The Land Flowing with Milk and Money

By all accounts, this week has been a challenging one where I’ve been lamenting of my quest for the land flowing with milk and money.

I’ve had to be on a course of amoxicillin in preparation for dental surgery on a previous problem tooth that’s had a new and awful fracture and this has resulted in two things. A drop in milk supply for the nursing babe and a severe hole-in-pocket for the upcoming bone graft surgery that will set me back something to the tune of the cost of a luxury arm-chair and leg of a sofa. Bah!  5 days have never taken longer to get through as I count the number of capsules that remain in the medicine pack.  And of course, the upcoming bill is not helping the mood – it’s terribly unfunny to have to pay out for unbudgeted necessary expenses!

The one thing to brighten up an otherwise morose me is that, there’s been a strange phenomenon that I’ve noted going on.  It’s been a visibly depressing sight when I measured up the individual ounces per pump session and mentally counted up the lack in making up the necessary feeds to leave for DS when I’m away at office.  BUT. When I got home and started actually pouring out the amounts to make up the feeds, miraculously, I found that I had sufficient to make up the three that I required. And had some left over. Quite a bit of extra in fact.  😀

A strange but very happy phenomenon!  I shared this with DH, and he remarked “Of course. There must be something to the story of the two fish and five loaves* that Jesus multiplied, you know?” It is very like the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. At first look, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough, in fact to the human eye that sees the individual bottles, it’s too little.  But in God’s hands, suddenly that little grew to a lot, althought it wasn’t explained how…and after all of that, there was still lots of extra collected after everyone’s hunger was satisfied.  Hm!  So maybe the quest isn’t quite as evasive as I thought.  Literally, to God, Impossible is Nothing.  🙂

This little demonstration reminded me I really ought to have more faith in Him to provide the funds that I need to cover for this unplanned dental surgery.  And He will. But in any case, I’m already really very very thankful that He has provided for DS’s needs. Thank you Lord.  😀

* Bible passage – John 6:1-14


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