Alphabet Wall: Making…L is for Leaf

DD has been wanting to go out to the playground and garden a lot so we thought today’s activity would be a great hit with her 🙂

First, prepare the materials. Draw the outline of an L on a piece of construction paper. On another sheet, draw some leaves of various shapes and sizes. I used green construction paper, but because I took this pic in night fluorescent lighting, er… it doesn’t look quite green! 

Materials - L is for Leaf

Here comes the fun part. Go into the garden or a nearby park with your child and pick out leaves that have fallen to the ground. While you pick them up, you can talk about the different colours, shapes and sizes…and why some are brown and some are green.

We did a short exercise of matching the leaves collected to the shapes drawn on the sheet. 😀

Leaves from the Garden

Colour the leaves on the sheet. After your child is done, let them colour the L shape while you cut out the leave shapes. Phew! [This was downright tiring because I had to cut really fast!! But it made for a good “by-the-way” counting exercise because she collected them as each was cut.]

Colour the Leaves

Stick the leaves – both drawn ones and real ones. Done! 🙂

L is for Leaf


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