Weekend Buzz

It was an incredibly busy busy day today for one where we never stepped out the home except to go to the playground outside and to the usual dinner with the extended family.

We’ve been spending all our weekends at home because of the absolutely sweltering heat – none of us wanted to leave the comfort of air-con to brave the humid outdoors. We had wanted to go to Changi Airport a few times but abandoned the idea, once because it started raining heavily just as we were thinking about it, and this week, because the airport is after all, the first entry point for detection of swine flu!

Having decided the weather was fair enough for Pasir Ris Park today, we then never made it out – because the car wouldn’t start! Sigh.
But since DD was all geared up and had excitedly gathered her sandplay toys, DH brought her out to the sand area in the playground outside our home instead. They had a lot of fun! When the AAS repair guy arrived to look at our car, DS had just nursed off to sleep, so I took over playground duty while DH went to check out what was wrong with the car.

Sandy Toys and Shoes

Sandy Toys and Shoes

After lunch, DS had a two-hour long nap. DH and DD did some colouring and reading and jigsaw puzzles, while itchy-finger me started browsing the cookbook for a quick bake fix. I found a recipe for cranberry muffins…but because I was too lazy, I just poured the whole mix into a square baking pan, heheh.
This resulted in a ginormous square muffin.  🙂 

Cranberry Loaf

The Ginormous Square Cranberry Muffin

The muffin or rather, loaf, itself wasn’t sweet (because it was a savoury recipe that called for a parmesan cheese topping) but because I didn’t have any parmesan cheese or demerara sugar to sprinkle on top, the sweetness really came from the cranberries itself. Overall I was quite happy with the result, because I think some warm slices would go very nicely with pats of butter, or jam, or drizzled with maple syrup. 😛

When I was done, DS woke up. I brought him for a walk and found that DH and DD were back in the playground with the sandplay toys! Second time in a day!!
By the evening, both DH and I felt like we’d done so much even though we hadn’t even gone out! Anyways, as with every Saturday evening, it’s always hardest to get over the hurdle of getting off our weary butts and packing the bags and the kids into the car…but once we do, it’s great being able to let the extended family play and babysit the two while we sit down to a fantastic dinner every time! 😀


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