I love eating.
I love enjoying tastes and textures, flavours and aromas.
I love baking and the fantastic smells wafting out from the oven while I wait in anticipation for the buzzer to sound.
I just love food.  😛

In my normal state, I really can’t do without a hearty breakfast in the morning, and a satisfying lunch and a delicious dinner to end the day.
And on top of that, for the past eight-and-a-half months and for another few more more to go at least, I am a nursing mum…I get hungry even faster than normal!

So the other day, when I wanted to book an appointment for a medical checkup, and the nurse told me that I needed to fast (as in not eat breakfast), I was like, “What??” Sob, sob.
I said okay, and then on the day itself forgot all about it until I left home with a full tummy from breakfast. Yeeks. Reschedule…

On the morning of the rescheduled appointment,
I watched DH eating his oatmeal.
I practically drooled while helping DD to feed herself her vanilla strawberry fromage frais.
I stared longingly at the avocado flesh I was scraping out of the skin for DD.
I considered ruefully the dish of Japanese sweet potatoes that had been steamed up and served.
I imagined the fruity, flavourful fromage frais, the ripe, freshly cut, sweet and creamy avocado, the earthy taste of the scrubbed purple skin and the tender yield to the bite of steamed sweet potato.
I obediently drank my plain water and felt so sorry for myself.

I did pack my oatmeal and three sweet potatoes with the insane hopeful scenario playing out in my mind that I would be asking the doctor to quickly take the blood sample; I will just sit here and chow down my oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Heh, that cheered me up a bit. 😉
Then I got to the doctors. Wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. Wait some more.
Hungry. Low…blood…sugar….must….eat….soon…. 😦
It was 10:45am when it was all done and I finally got to eat my breakfast. Sooooo hungry!!!


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