The sound of silence…

…is the alarm signal for a parent to prick up their ears and activate the eye in the back of their head.


Incident 1
It was a quiet afternoon. DS was napping after a milk feed. I was sewing downstairs in the kitchen. DH had dozed off while reading. All of a sudden I heard loud protests from DD upstairs. Apparently DH woke up from his forty winks and found that DD was smearing (well, in our eyes smearing, in hers, painting) the floor with her Crayola Color Wonder No-Mess Fingerpaints. Flagrans Crimen!!**
Now, if you know about these fingerpaints, they don’t produce any colour except on the special Crayola paper surface on which it is applied. BUT. They have a consistency similar to petroleum jelly. AND. They are quite a challenge to wash off – I have to soap DD’s hands two or three times before the oils wash off effectively. The whole floor was waxy and oily!!
Crayola’s tagline for this product is “Fun for the kids and no mess for mom”. Indeed. Fun for the kids, I don’t deny that’s true. No mess, I wonder about that one…


Incident 2
Every weekday morning, before we go to the kitchen for breakfast, DS and DD have a short time of play in their room while we get dressed for work. Today, DS was surprisingly quiet and we soon found out why. DH turned around after shutting down his laptop to find DS with a huge wad of tissue sticking out of his mouth and pulling out some more from the tissue box. (!!!)

While I was still doing a double take and thinking to myself, “How many has the boy stuffed into his mouth?” [yeah not very helpful at a time that requires action, not academic discussion…] DH sprang over to grab the tissue box out of his hand, pried DS’s mouth open and removed the wad and picked up the trail of tissue paper on the floor. DS was still looking very confused, like, “Huh what’s all the fuss, Papa?” and giving his signature grin after the tissue wad was removed from his mouth.
Sigh. That dear boy. It wasn’t so funny right there and then but I couldn’t help but have a really hearty laugh about it afterward on the way to work. The expression on DS’s face with the tissue stuffed in his mouth was priceless.

** Flagrans Crimen [Definition from the Law Dictionary] – This, among the Romans, signified that a crime was then or had just been committed for example, when a crime has just been committed and the corpus delictum is publicly exposed; or if a mob take place; or if a house be feloniously burned, these are severally flagrans crimen. 2. The term used in France is flagrant delit. The code of criminal instruction gives the following concise definition of it, art. “Le delit qui se commet actuellement ou qui vient de se coramettre, est un flagrant delit.”

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