Rainy Sunday afternoon project

Taggy Ribbon Texture Glove
Taggy Ribbon Texture Glove

I’ve been wanting to make this for DS for a long time. But I never got the time to start on it, so it has evolved somewhat from its original intent – a Glove Mobile for a three-month old. Yu-u-up it was THAT long ago…

Anyway since DS is already 8 months old, I adapted the idea into a Taggy Ribbon Texture Glove instead.
As I sewed, some of the stuff that I thought of teaching the little guy are:-
1. Identifying the fingers – little, ring, middle, pointer fingers and thumb.
2. Colour recognition
3. Texture touch – different textures of ribbons
3. Opposites – Red and Green colour on the ring finger and thumb, Big and Small buttons, Opaque and Transparent on the middle finger, Thick and Thin on the little finger.

Original idea: Glove Mobile (excerpted from Baby Fun by Anne Knecht-Boyer – Carroll & Brown Publishers Limited)“Colourful moving objects are very intriguing to babies in [the two to three-month old] age group. Rather than simply fixing a store-bought mobile to the crib, a portable one that can be moved closer to his field of vision and which he can reach out and play with, will prove much more interesting. To create a really portable and interactive mobile, tie some colourful ribbons to the fingertips of a glove. The moving ribbons encourage neck and eye movement at an age when your babh is just developing the strength needed to lift up his head but still tends to look at the world sideways. This glove mobile is also easy to slip in your pocket as you leave the house, making it a useful distraction on car journeys or trips to the store.”


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2 responses to “Rainy Sunday afternoon project”

  1. ruthie says :

    fwah! i’m impressed with this piece of artwork! this is the first i’ve heard of a glove mobile! wtg sister!

  2. iwonderbee says :

    I’ll bring it on Sunday to show you 🙂 I have been wanting to make it to bring on Sundays so that DS can stay still just for a little longer..before he starts his Cirque Du Soleil routine!

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