Alphabet Wall: Making…Q for Queen

This alphabet craft took a lot more prep work…so the orderly instructions you see below are not really an accurate reflection of the real scenario of my scrambling around to gather the materials as I thought of it!  🙂

You will need: 2 cereal box side panels for cardboard crown base, construction paper to wrap the cardboard, a piece of artblock with a Q shape drawn on it, crayons, glue, scissors, stickers or cutout shapes to decorate the crown, stapler.

Draw a Q shape on the artblock sheet. Hand your child some crayons or colour pencils and let them colour the sheet.

While your child is busy colouring, prepare the crown base. Stick the two cereal box side panels lengthwise to form a long strip. Cover with construction paper.

Measure your child’s head circumference and glue or staple to form a crown base.


Let your child decorate the crown base with stickers or any cutout shapes you like.  I remembered my OCBC stickers from some previous promotional junk mail – they were conveniently Q shaped!  Lucky I “karung guni-ed” them…heheh who knew they would come in so handy today?

While your child is busy with the stickers, cut out the Q shape.

When she is done, position the Q shape on the crown base and staple into position.  Let the parade begin!


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