Alphabet Wall: Making…H is for House

I don’t know how I let myself get talked into doing paints again…such a softie…:-P
DH bought a box of poster paints for DD, as the last time when we did the F for Fingers craft, I was making do with a very old box where the paints had dried out, leaving me with, yup you guessed it, green and yellow paint only.

Since then, DD had been asking to open the paint box and do craft with paints. So DH and I were again thinking what can we do that will give her the opportunity to use the paints. DH’s idea – do H for House, and she can paint the house. Incidentally there is some renovation work on one of the houses behind where we live, so this came in handy as I could point out the ongoing painting and construction work to DD from our window to reinforce the lesson 🙂

First, draw the outline of the house. I also cut out an H to fit the H shape that frames the door and window in the centre (can you spot it?)


Next, unleash the budding painter with her paints. Lastly, paste on the H shape.



Heheh! Not quite what I had pictured in my idealistic mind of a red roof, blue walls and green grass. But hey, the girl had great fun, remembered the letter associated with the object, and that’s what counts, isn’t it? 🙂


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