Alphabet Wall: Making…F for Fingers

So DH and I were brainstorming what to represent for the letter F. Yeah, F is for Fish, but how do you incorporate a fish design into the shape F? So we came up with the grand idea that F is for Fingers and DD can do some finger painting within an outlined frame of the letter F.
Now, those of you who know me personally know how jumpy I get around mess. Because I have to clean it up. And cleaning paint mess…hmmm…
So it was with great trepidation that I approached this project. Here’s what took place that fine and fair morning we did the letter F.

Mummy (M): Sweetheart, guess what letter we are going to do today…  … the letter F! Now, F is for…?
Daughter (D): Fish skin!
M: (!!!) …Ye-e-es, F is for fish skin and by association, F is for fish too. And F is also for fingers!! *wiggle fingers*
D: Fingers!! [grins and attempts to wiggle fingers too]
M: So here is some green paint, and some yellow paint. Now wait wait, let me spread out the newspapers properly. [DD is getting excited about the paint pots.] Wait wait, sit on the newspapers. No, ok, stand here. Move over here. Ok sit. Er, not like that. Yeah, like this. [DD turns to pick up the paintbrush] Oh oh, watch where your feet are! Oh oh, let me move the paint away to here….there, that’s safe. Ah ah, wait wait…..oops, quick let’s pick up the green paint pot. Oh wait now, let me adjust the newspaper. Ok that’s fine now. Ok sit down. Ok wait! I will handle the paintbrush. Wait. Don’t dip your fingers in yet. Wait! Ok, hold out your hand, which hand do you want painted. OK right hand. Here we go…pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, thumb! Print! Press on the paper. Ok, again. Wait wait! Don’t touch the carpet. Wait, don’t touch the chair. Ok, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, thumb! Print! *repeat sequence for few more times*
D: I want yellow colour.
M: Please…
D: Please mama, may I have yellow colour. On the hand?
M: Ok. yellow colour. Wait wait! Before we do yellow colour, we have to wash our hands. And the paintbrush. [Yes, I know. Why didn’t I get a second paintbrush and have tissues on hand. Lessons learnt okay?] So follow me…yes get up carefully. Ooh, don’t touch the wall…ok ok you hold mummy’s hand, wait wait, I get up, ok let’s now walk to the bathroom. Oh oops, mama knocked over the paint pot. [quickly picks up the pot and looks in dismay at the growing green spot on the newspaper…thinks to self, lucky it is newspaper] Ok wait, get up on the stool [aiyahh, now the stool’s got green paint on it], ok I’m going to run the water…wait wait! hands under the water. Scrub! OK, wait wait! Let me wash the paintbrush.
D: Splash mama! [splashes water in the sink with glee]
M: (Oh great. Green speckled water on the edges of the sink and the countertop, and the tube of toothpaste. Eek.) Ok nevermind, I will clean up later. Ok let’s go and do the yellow colour! Wait wait, wait for mama…!!
[DD has stepped down from the stool and gleefully run back into the room to touch the yellow paint pot, aiyeee!]

Did you lose count of the number of times I said the word “wait”? I did. What a bunch of nerves.
Anyway, here’s the proud masterpiece. 😀


F is for Fingers.

F is for Finished.

F is for Faster clear all the newspapers with the paint splotches before DD gets to it with her now clean hands.
F is for Fall back into the sofa with relief.
F is for Flat out from all the mental excitement.
Can I say F is for f-ew (as in phew)?… 😛


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One response to “Alphabet Wall: Making…F for Fingers”

  1. ruthie says :

    ahhahahahhahahhaaa.. loved this post!

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